A technical expertise exchange between U.S. carbon science community and Indian forest science community has the potential to make great advances in India’s capacity to develop and implement REDD+ strategies and actives, and to develop operational approaches to low carbon forest management. The Forest-PLUS Program will host 10 Indian forest experts for 2 week of extensive and intensive introduction to the latest developments in forest carbon monitoring in forests through tours to US centers of monitoring expertise. The focus is on carbon monitoring and will include introductions to new remote sensing and ground based methods and key laboratories of the US government, including NASA and US Forest Service, and with several advanced research centers in US universities, government agencies and environmental institutions.

The study tour will provide venues for presentations and discussions. Technologies and algorithm/methods will be introduced as two key thematic components. The focus of the overviews of technologies and methods shall be on the latest advances in earth observations can be leveraged to assist the normal forest inventory and analysis approaches that forestry organizations are already using to expand the inventory methods to include carbon measurements, and to provide carbon mapping capabilities. These venues and introductions will provide technical support to India’s emerging programs in REDD+

Forest-PLUS US Study Tour Dec 2013 Program Guide